I completed my B.S. in chemistry at the University of Hartford in 2014 and my Ph.D. in physical inorganic chemistry at the University of New Hampshire in 2019. My graduate work consisted of investigating new organometallic catalysts and functionalized nanoparticle surfaces for the conversion of CO2 into useful products such as fuels and value-added chemicals.

Since then, I’ve been involved in the cannabis industry working on developing methods for the investigation of a broad variety of analytes including terpenes, alkaloids, PAH’s, and residual solvents. in April 2020 I left this position full time, but continue to be involved with the data analysis side and promotion of safety and professionalization within the industry.

Currently, I’m in the process of moving to a new position in method development for small molecules in the pharma space.



Since 2016, I’ve been involved in video production and graphic design largely for social media channels within political circles. In 2019, I ventured into screen printing again for the first time since high school. My family had a small screen printing and design business for a long time and I finally put some of those long dormant skills back to use.

In my own personal time, I make fun videos of dumb little things and build projects in our basement workshop.



As a long time athlete, I have dipped my toes in many different realms of competition. In undergrad through early graduate school, I was a triathlete, (rarely successful) ultramarathon runner, and halfway decent obstacle course racer. I found my calling for a time in Crossfit, competing as an individual and on teams until I injured my wrist from over training and under rehabbing.

Now, I’ve gotten back into cycling and as a bigger guy there’s no chance you’ll ever see me climbing mountains but there’s a fair chance you’ll find me on one of the few velodromes in the region come track season.