For my first season racing cyclocross, this race was one hell of an introduction. The course was made up of largely flat and technical grass and dirt sections with a very long and VERY rooted section of singletrack right smack in the middle.

Before CompEdge I had been practicing on some local trails and had at least a low level of confidence in my ability on the technical grassy sections and through some of the rougher dirt sections. But damn was I unprepared to ride through the singletrack. Every time through the worst rooted sections, I either had to dismount and run 20 feet or had to come to a complete crawl and skirt around the edges and risk ending up in the bushes. In retrospect, slowing down like this was actually worse for making it through the section. Attacking sections like this and keeping a little less weight on the front end allows you to absorb some of the impact and not pinch your wheel and go face first into the dirt.

Obviously easier said than done in the moment.

This was a fun one and going in with zero expectations allowed for me to just enjoy it. This being my first season competing in pretty much any kind of racing in 5 years means my only goal on any given day is not come in DFL.

Mission Accomplished.


Category Placing
Men Cat 4/5 55/57
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