Jarec Rondeau, Ph. D.

Jarec is a Ph.D. analytical scientist in the hemp products field and an amateur cyclist and video creator.

Analytical Scientist

As an analytical chemist, Jarec is contributing to building the framework of a young industry. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States, the hemp industry became the wild west as many jumped on the opportunity to be the first through the door. Developing methods to ensure the safety and high quality of products making their ways onto shelves ensures the future health of the industry as hemp products become more mainstream.

Back of the Pack Cyclist

As a long time athlete, Jarec has competed in a wide variety of fields from triathlons, to ultramarathons, to rugby and weightlifting. More recently, he has shifted focus to return to the bike with an eye to the upcoming CX season in New England.

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"Failure is always an option!"
Adam Savage